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How To Handle Roof Runoff Without Gutters

Coming home from a long workday, you park in the driveway. While walking towards the front door you start to notice a few water erosion spots in your yard and possibly some water damage to your foundation, caused by the recent rainstorm. The gutters could be clogging or just not allowing the flow of heavy […]

Does PEX Pipe Freeze

Everyone knows that pipes can freeze in the winter. Whether they are in your home or even your swimming pool, the pipes can freeze and burst. Thinking about the winter, you may wonder does PEX pipe freeze? Yes! The water inside the PEX pipes can freeze. However, the material that makes up PEX pipe will […]

Roof Leaks In Heavy Rain

Imagine sitting at home on the couch and you are in the middle of your favorite tv series. While watching the series you start to notice a few water spots on your ceiling and realize that you have a leak during the rainstorm. Heavy rainfall can often overrun your gutters. The gutters could be clogging […]

Can Thermal Imaging See Through Walls

Thermal imaging uses infrared radiation and thermal energy to get information about objects and then creates images of them. Some people use it for night-vision , military tactics, and other uses such as in homes. In homes, it is used to see if there are possible leaks or missing insulation. Pest control companies might use […]

What is a Stem Wall Foundation

There are two types of concrete foundations: Stem wall and monolithic. In areas prone to earthquakes, flooding, and other events, a stem wall on the foundation is very popular. What is a stem wall foundation? The stem wall is a supporting wall that joins the foundation to the vertical walls of the structure that is […]

7 Ways To Maintain Your Fireplace

Having a fireplace in the home is nice for when the mountain temperatures drop. A fireplace isn’t used just for burning firewood but is also aesthetically pleasing. In fact, it also helps keep heating costs lower in the home. However, just like with everything, if you want it to heat your home in the cold […]

What is a Branch Circuit

Every home has an electrical box, usually in the garage or it may be in a basement, utility room, or even a closet. Inside this box are the circuit breakers that control the power to the house. What is a branch circuit? It is the wiring inside the electrical panel and they provide 120-volts for […]

How to Tell if Your Furnace is Leaking Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas and very deadly. Many times, people don’t realize that some of the appliances they use in the home can produce this gas at toxic levels. When the power goes out in the home, many people will use a generator. However, we hear often of people dying from […]