Do Metal Roofs Attract Lightning

Lighting strikes in your area are not easily anticipated. We can measure the number of lightning strikes in your area with each storm, however, understanding where the strikes will occur the most is not predictable. Therefore, having the best material to protect your home is the most sensible thing. Metal roofs are non-combustible and will […]

How To Handle Roof Runoff Without Gutters

Coming home from a long workday, you park in the driveway. While walking towards the front door you start to notice a few water erosion spots in your yard and possibly some water damage to your foundation, caused by the recent rainstorm. The gutters could be clogging or just not allowing the flow of heavy […]

Roof Leaks In Heavy Rain

Imagine sitting at home on the couch and you are in the middle of your favorite tv series. While watching the series you start to notice a few water spots on your ceiling and realize that you have a leak during the rainstorm. Heavy rainfall can often overrun your gutters. The gutters could be clogging […]