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Do Metal Roofs Attract Lightning

Lighting strikes in your area are not easily anticipated. We can measure the number of lightning strikes in your area with each storm, however, understanding where the strikes will occur the most is not predictable. Therefore, having the best material to protect your home is the most sensible thing. Metal roofs are non-combustible and will often move the electrical charge from your roof to the ground quickly. Do metal roofs attract lightning? Fortunately, a metal roof does not attract lightning any more than a shingled or wood shake roof does.

This area of home maintenance has been researched extensively. Let’s take a look below at what metal roofs do for your home and if they attract lightning. Also, how they keep you just as safe in your home as roofing material such as shingled or wood shake roofs do.

Why A Metal Roof

Do metal roofs attract lightning? Metal roofs are typically made of aluminum or copper metal materials. They are created to reduce the impact of a lightning strike. In fact, they also conduct the electrical charge safely to the ground in a quick manner. Metal is not combustible and therefore will not set fire to your home. Metal roofs can protect your home from the heat of the lighting strike and the electrical current since it is not combustible.

Utilize A Lightning Protection System

Having a roof made of non-combustible materials is the safest route to go in protecting your home. Keep in mind that regardless of the type of roof, a lightning strike on your home can damage other areas. These areas are your electrical system and various home structures. The size of the home will determine the likelihood of a lightning strike. Smaller homes in low-lying areas will typically have a reduced chance of a lightning strike. Installing a lightning protection system at the time you install a metal roof will give you the capability to discharge any electrical charges directly to the earth.

Lightning protection systems are designed to re-locate lightning hits away from the home by using lightning rods. This saves your electrical system from taking an extra shock. Lightning is simple a quick release of static electricity from the atmosphere. That added load to your home’s electrical system can prompt major damage to your outlets, appliances that are plugged in, as well as a possible electrical fire.

Metal is a great material for a roof and doesn't attract lightning.
Metal roof install

How Much Do They Cost

Depending on where you live determines the average cost of a professionally installed metal roof. The national average for a new metal roof is $10,300. The cost of a new roof involves materials and labor fees. The average homeowner pays between $5,400 and $15,000. The price per square foot is $7 to $14 depending on where you live.

Other Recommended Maintenance

While you have a professionally licensed roofing contractor on your roof completing a new metal roof installation, you will want them to also conduct maintenance on your chimney. For example, getting them to replace the clay flue liner is a great idea at this time. It is best to have all roofing work completed at the same time, so there is less traffic on the roof.

Next, take a look at the wooden lintel of your chimney. Older homes have wooden lintels, while new homes use a variety of materials such as stone, brick, steel, or concrete. It is a great idea to check the lintel of the chimney while you are also repairing the clay flue liner.

Finally, you should read up on roof leaks in heavy rain. Once the new roof is installed you may experience a possible roof leak if the professionally licensed roofing contractor missed sealing portions of the roof during the new installation. So, knowing what to do during heavy rain if the roof leaks, will be a money saver down the road.

A metal roof does not attract lightning any more than other materials.
Professional roofing contractor installing a metal roof

When Do I Call A Professional

When wanting a new roof installed call a professionally licensed roofing contractor. Typically, a professionally licensed roofing contractor knows what the requirements are for the new installation and if your home is sturdy enough to hold the new roof. They also are aware of other issues that can go with the new roof. Hiring a professional is your best bet to ensure that the roof is installed correctly.


Calling a professional roofing contractor is a great start. They can assist you in determining if a metal roof is best in your area. In many cases, a metal roof is a better material than shingles, however, might not be cost-effective in your area. You also should consider reaching out to your local home inspection team. Home inspection companies can do a roof inspection as well as a home inspection to ensure that you are made aware of the best solution. Reach out to Colorado Inspection Team can take a look at your roof during a home inspection in Castlerock, CO, and the Front Range areas.

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