How To Remove Bathroom Fan

Unfortunately, there are many times when we go into the bathroom and just switch on the bathroom exhaust fan. Never think twice about it as the fan gradually makes a louder and louder sound. It’s as if we just block it out. Well, simply put, it’s time to change out the fan. The best part […]

Can You Have A Garbage Disposal With A Septic Tank

When dealing with a septic tank system, it is important to understand how it operates before you add things to your setup. In some cases, the septic system can be damaged by the homeowner inadvertently adding new equipment. However, not every sink system is meant to have a garbage disposal installed so make sure you […]

Can You Burn Wood In A Gas Fireplace

Imagine that you are sitting inside your living room and enjoying a nice book by the gas fireplace. The snow has been coming down and it is another cold night. As you begin to sip some tea and turn the next page of your book, the fire goes out. It appears that the gas is […]

How To Seal A Skylight

Unfortunately, we often do not know that repairs are needed to our home until after the damage has been done. Consider that you are sitting at home and a storm moves in. You are in the kitchen and cooking dinner for the family when you notice some water drips coming from the ceiling. As you […]

Do Metal Roofs Attract Lightning

Lighting strikes in your area are not easily anticipated. We can measure the number of lightning strikes in your area with each storm, however, understanding where the strikes will occur the most is not predictable. Therefore, having the best material to protect your home is the most sensible thing. Metal roofs are non-combustible and will […]

How To Identify Older Andersen Windows

Determining what window manufacturer you have in your home is often a difficult task. Often, it isn’t a priority to know who manufactured your windows for your home. Not until there is damage to the window or leaks do we even look at our windows. After time passes of being in the home and leaks […]

How To Handle Roof Runoff Without Gutters

Coming home from a long workday, you park in the driveway. While walking towards the front door you start to notice a few water erosion spots in your yard and possibly some water damage to your foundation, caused by the recent rainstorm. The gutters could be clogging or just not allowing the flow of heavy […]

Does PEX Pipe Freeze

Everyone knows that pipes can freeze in the winter. Whether they are in your home or even your swimming pool, the pipes can freeze and burst. Thinking about the winter, you may wonder does PEX pipe freeze? Yes! The water inside the PEX pipes can freeze. However, the material that makes up PEX pipe will […]

Roof Leaks In Heavy Rain

Imagine sitting at home on the couch and you are in the middle of your favorite tv series. While watching the series you start to notice a few water spots on your ceiling and realize that you have a leak during the rainstorm. Heavy rainfall can often overrun your gutters. The gutters could be clogging […]

Why is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air

It is a nice crisp winter night and your furnace kicks on. Instead of your body warming up, you are feeling cold air in the home and this adds to the coldness that is already there. Why is my furnace blowing cold air? There are many reasons your furnace might end up blowing cold air […]